Shades “Clear Motions” Review

Album review by KUOI DJ Lindsay, host of Constructive Interference.

Boise band Shades released their debut album Clear Motions to an excited collection of local and regional fans last Tuesday. They’ve been buzzed about by the likes of the Boise Weekly and The C.O.T. for good reason. Featuring echoey vocals, dreamy synths and gratuitous amounts of bass, Shades makes dancehall ready tunes with laser-like precision.

Layers of sound fold and frolic around your ears like waves of light. Listening closely you can spot hints of Animal Collective, Washed Out and perhaps a smidgeon of Ratatat. There’s an excellent balance between the guitar, synth and vocals such that none of the elements is overwhelming but the combination is powerful. Aptly named, you’ll need shades to listen to them with sound so bright it’ll give you cataracts. My personal favorite tracks are “Ghostlike” the perfect theme for adolescent angst in the space age (Think of a John Hughes movie if it were set in 2050) and “Soft Skin” which puts a greater focus on the reverb-laden vocals, with stunning effect.  Save that ten dollars you would’ve spent on a movie night and buy Clear Motions on iTunes instead. If your date is worthwhile, they’ll understand. They might even want to listen, too.

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